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A/N: Most of these are prompt fills for the kink meme. Who knows, maybe you'll see yours here to.

The list here

What Love Can Do

Posted by thundershield49 on 2014.02.05 at 19:42
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Title: What Love Can Do
Author: thundershield49
Characters/Pairings: Steve/Thor, the avengers, SHIELD people
Words: 2,598
Universe: MCU
Rating: T
Warnings: Slash(duh), Thor!whump
Summary: Steve can't live without Thor
Disclaimer: I do not own anything here but my own ideas.
Author's Note: This just came to me one day. That is a very bad summary, but, oh well. I am a huge thundershield fan and I wish there was more of it. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it.

Can be read on live journal here:

Or fanfiction.net here:

Title: Disclosed Desires
Fandom: Thor TDW
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Thor, Loki/Thor (one sided)
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~1.122
Warnings: graphic sex, inappopriate language, a bit spoilerish
Disclaimer: Not mine! Made only for fun.
A/N: + Based on this gifset I saw on tumblr even before I watched the movie! http://xenasoul.tumblr.com/post/65976254491/thorlovecap-oh-yeah-this-scene-really
I didn't watch Thor TDW yet but still.
+ Unbetaed like always. I'm really sorry about any mistakes you may find here. If you read this please comment!

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Captain Thor

Caught In A Storm I

Posted by basched on 2013.04.13 at 21:22
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Title: Caught In A Storm
Author: Basched
Characters/Pairings: Steve/Thor, Jarvis
Words: 1,544
Universe: Movie/My own.
Rating: 18 E
Summary: Thor is a little on edge.
Author's Note: Hey hey hey.  I am at last posting my Avenger's fic up! I grew up with the Avengers, but I am completely out of the loop of what's going on with them in the comic verse now. The films are now my resource (they cast the guys so perfectly!) and because I love Steve/Thor, I had to write this. It's my first story in this fandom,  I'm creating my own little 'verse here, making my own back stories and such. I hope people like. Thanks muchly to celeste9 for the beta.   The AO3 version is not beta'd.

I own none of the characters. I'm just playing with them.

Caught In A Storm

Avengers - thor - throwing

New Thor Comm!

Posted by shinysylver on 2013.02.19 at 21:34
thor comm pimp
always_worthy always_worthy always_worthy

New Thor appreciation comm! We welcome all fanworks and discussion relating to the character of Thor from comics, cartoons, and movies. Het, slash, and gen is all welcome! All we ask is that you leave your dumb/capslock Thor at home because we are dedicated to appreciating him for the nuanced character that he is!

Posted with mod permission.

avengers - steve/thor

Fic - In this present moment

Posted by shinysylver on 2012.12.20 at 12:36
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Title: In this present moment
Author: shinysylver
Rating: NC-17
Universe : MCU
Pairing/Characters: Steve/Thor, Steve/Bucky
Word Count: 1550
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Marvel Universes. Not even one.
Summary: What Steve has with Thor helps ground him in the present, but he can't forget the past.
Author's/artist's notes (if any) : Written for punahukka at avengersfest. Thanks to ariadne83 and somehowunbroken for betaing and camshaft22 for being an amazingly supportive alpha reader.

At the Exchange | On AO3

avengers - steve/thor

Fic - Spread Wide

Posted by shinysylver on 2012.11.15 at 05:17
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Title: Spread Wide
Author: shinysylver
Characters/Pairing: Steve/Thor
Universe: MCU
Word Count: 2007
Rating: NC-17
Content Notes: Contains fisting, dildos, stretching kink, and size kink.
Summary: Thor is late, so Steve starts without him. Thor doesn't mind.
Author's Note: Sequel to Deep Inside, but stands alone. Thanks to somehowunbroken for the beta.

Spread Wide

avengers - steve/thor

Fic - Deep Inside

Posted by shinysylver on 2012.11.10 at 02:44
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Title: Deep Inside
Author: shinysylver
Characters/Pairing: Steve/Thor
Universe: MCU
Word Count: 1307
Rating: NC-17
Content Notes: Contains breeding kink, size kink, marathon sex, comeplay, and a touch of stretching kink. The breeding kink is just that and there are no actual pregnancies of any kind.
Summary: Steve loves to be filled and no one does it better than Thor.
Author's Note: For a full year I have been unable to write porn in this fandom and then today this happened. Apparently my muse has been saving it all up. Thanks to somehowunbroken for the beta.

Deep Inside

Title: Ball and Chain (of Fools)
Author: trickylady
Pairing: Steve/Loki, Steve/Tony, Steve/Thor, Steve/Bruce, Steve/Natasha, Steve/Clint, Steve/Coulson, Steve/Pepper, and hints of others (between the Avengers).
Genre: humour, self-discovery, slice of life, H/C
Fandom/Universe: Avengers/movie-verse (and a smidgen of Earth-616 ‘verse for Balder)
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~38k
Warnings: a slight moment of one-sided ‘incest’ between Thor/Loki

Summary: A bunch of times people throw themselves at Steve with no intention of dating him, and one time someone likes him enough to never want to let go.

“Weather forecast!” Thor shouts, hardly containing his excitement.

Raising a brow, Steve steps out of his room. “What about the weather?”

“No, no. You misunderstand. That will be our sub-group’s appellation!” Thor crushes the remote then, accidentally, when he intends to clasp his palms together. “We will be called Weather Forecast!”

Read it on LJ or AO3

A/N:I am so happy to add to this most adorable pairing!
Title:Is It You I'm Looking For?
Summary:Steve is hurt, Thor comforts.
Disclaimer:I own nothing. If I did, then Steve would so be with Thor. Everything belongs to Marvel.
Warnings:Steve!Whump, slash

Hemsworth: Thor arms

Fic: Impossible Things - Steve/Thor

Posted by stjarna1984 on 2012.07.25 at 07:31
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Title: Impossible Things
Author: Von
Pairing: Steve/Thor
Rating: 18+

Prompt: 'Breakfast in Bed' from my 'snack time' avengers_tables mini table.

Disclaimer: This is fiction, which means it's not true. I just have a healthy imagination. No copyright infringement/harm intended.

A/N: University!AU. No spoilers for any of the movies.

Can be read either here on LJ or here on AO3


Fic: A New Divide. Thor/Steve, Bruce/Tony

Posted by winteraconite on 2012.07.15 at 19:44
Title: A New Divide (4/?)
Author: winteraconite
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: From Anon @ avengerkink: Injured!Steve, Thor/Steve, Tony+Steve With everyone showing concern in their own way because who DOESN'T love, Steve? I say Tony+Steve because Tony obviously likes Steve, but its Thor who ultimately wins.
Summary: Steve is shot in battle, and the injury is far worse than any of them imagined.
Pairings: Thor/Steve, Slight Bruce/Tony, and blink-and-you'll-miss-it Clint/Natasha
A/N: Movie-verse. Takes place after they capture Loki in Stark Towers. Haven't written in ages (like...2 years?) and this is my first time writing in the Marvel Universe so bear with me.
Disclaimer: I do not own Marvel or the Avengers or any of its sexy characters. I just borrow them and make them do my nasty bidding. They like it. A lot. >:)

CHAPTER FOUR: Read here.

Previous chapter:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three


Fanart and fanfic – banner 2

Posted by teamane on 2012.07.13 at 00:24
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Title: Through Time and Broken Hearts
Author/Artist: Teamane
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Thor / Steve Rogers; Thor/Jane Foster; mention of Peggy Carter.
Spoilers/Warnings: a bit of angst for the sake of more fanfic. Happens after the movie.
Notes: Marvel, Thor, Steve Rogers, Captain America, don’t belong to me. I just play with them and read the books, the comics and see the movies about and with them.

I have some plot bunnies jumping around, but I haven’t written anything in English for a while now, so, I need to start training again.
I came up with a sequence of four banners, three in the line of “Through…” and the fourth is just the ending of the tale.
I can’t find pictures with a smiling or laughing Steve Rogers, so the fanart will be mostly angst. Does he ever smile in bigscreen through the movie Avengers?! I sure hope so.
English isn’t my first language, and the ficlet is not betaed. Feel free to point my mistakes if you want to.
This is Steve POV.

Fanart and ficlet Part 1– Through Time and Broken HeartsCollapse )

all the things

Hey Guys!

Posted by drkwlf on 2012.07.11 at 12:16
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Sorry I have been a bad moderator and kind of absent from the community...but in my defense, I just had a baby. He is now 5 weeks old so maybe in the next couple of weeks I will get a chance to kind of clean up things around here. I mainly want to get a master tag list going for everyone to add onto their posts and I will go back and edit old entries as well. If anyone has any comments, concerns, questions, or ideas on the community just comment off this entry and I will hopefully get back to you quickly.

And thanks for everyone posting all the great fics!

Slash On!



Fanart – banner 1

Posted by teamane on 2012.07.10 at 00:51
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Fanart - Banner
Title: Between two Realms
Author/Artist: Teamane
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Thor / Steve Rogers
Spoilers/Warnings: a bit of angst for the sake of more fanfic.
Notes: Marvel, Thor, Steve Rogers, Captain America, don’t belong to me. I just play with them and read the books, the comics and see the movies about and with them.

I haven’t seen the movie “Avengers” yet, but I know them from the comic books since I was very young, like in the 80s *grin* and I fell in love with Thor since then (I love mythology, be it Norse, Greek, Indian…). After watching the movie Thor (that I LOVE almost as much as Lord of the Rings) and Captain America and reading some stories with this pairing, I decided to adopt them into my neverending group of slash.
So, after discovering this community and screencapting some scenes (mostly from youtube), here I am with my first Thor/Steve fanart.

Fanart – banner 1Collapse )

purple pony

FIC: Excellent Sex (Thor/Steve)

Posted by mylittleficlet on 2012.07.06 at 00:42
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )


Something There(2/?) - Steve/Thor

Posted by spn_serenity on 2012.06.12 at 21:14

Title: Something There (2/?)

Fandom: Avengers (2012)

Pairing: Steve/Thor, Steve&Pepper friendship, side Pepper/Tony

Rating: T, will be going up in later chapters.

Word Count: 1000~

Warnings: Unbetad, Slash

Disclaimer: I do not own these boys or the franchise, if I did you'd never hear from me again. ;)

Summary: Steve is settling into his room and gets a surprise visit.

A/N: This was an interesting chapter for me, because the way I write Thor kind of irrrates me, I never know if it sounds right. Its also a short chapter, the next one will be longer. Comments are welcomed and I love them. :D

- - - -

(Captain Rogers.” He spun around to see Thor standing in front of the closed door, hand shoved into his pockets as well, he was dressed in civilian clothes.)

Chris Evans RPS

Introducing the Chris Evans RPS Slash Community!

Posted by raimbeau on 2012.06.07 at 14:22
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The is the place for you to post and read Chris Evans RPS Slash Fics!


Pair Chris Evans with Chris Hemsworth or other hot Avengers Actors!

A A aChris Evans Promo Small


Something There(1/?) - Steve/Thor

Posted by spn_serenity on 2012.05.31 at 23:04
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Title: Something There (1/?)

Fandom: Avengers (2012)

Pairing: Steve/Thor, Steve&Pepper friendship

Rating: T, will be going up in later chapters.

Word Count: 1600~

Warnings: None in this chapter.

Disclaimer: I do not own these boys or the franchise, if I did you'd never hear from me again. ;)

Summary: Steve is settling into his new life with the Avengers. Their all moving into together and everyone has no idea what will happen.

A/N: I know were I'm going with their relationship, well were I want to get, what happens in between there is still a mystery. Haha I'm worried Thor isn't in character when I'm writing him, but I didn't want him to be too intense like some people tend to write him. This is my first Thundershield story so be warned.

Comments are welcomed and appreciated. :D
- - - - 

(“See, Barbie agrees with me.” Tony pointed out, waving a hand in Thor's direction. Thor gave him a very confused look. Clint chuckled along with Coulson.)

destiel 1

Nightmares, Steve Rogers/Thor, PG

Posted by hopebetterdays on 2012.05.31 at 20:44
Title: Nightmares
Author: Hope
Rating: PG
Fandom: Avengers
Paring: Steve Rogers/Thor
Genre: drama
Warnings: character death
Summary: Thor has seen after the last battle many nightmares.

A/N: So I haven't read or watched anything else than Avengers, or something about Stev after last Friday when I saw this Avengers movie. So now I really have to do something for it and write something about Steve. Because I so adore him and like very much of Steve/Thor pairing. Still I just want to warn everybody and aplogize that I really didn't know berofe that movie anything about Avengers, but I have learned much allready when I haven't really done much more than just read and watched, and this is my first time when I write about this so I don't promise anything. When I have writen just ice hockey slash... So I hope that you will get something out of this and I really like comments :)

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